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Anyone remember how Richard Simmons wouldn’t say it was a “diet,” but a “live it?” Did anyone really believe him?
In any case, this logo will remind you that combining health and pleasure is an option, as well as maybe suggest something a little more mischievous about yourself.

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The warning says it all. Who would have guessed such an unexpected play on a popular allergy disclaimer? Especially when you consider that the contents are not guaranteed — note the use of the word “may.” =)

Click the drawers to get more details.

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So maybe you thought you’d stay home watching Friday the 13th one through nineteen (or however many there are) because you don’t have anything to wear to the party. Or maybe you figured on calling in sick to work because you don’t have anything “festive” to wear.

Well lucky for you you’ve stumbled upon three no-muss, no-fuss Halloween shirts just for the occasion. For both guys and gals, and they come in any color so long as it’s black.

Here’s the deal: Click here to see all three designs and order now so you’re not scrambling about when *everyone else* is doing their last minute shopping at the store and falling all over each other in that annoying way that frazzled consumers do. You get to avoid the crowds and all you need to add to these shirts is a little bit of attitude.
And we know you can muster that. =)

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The short answer is they are naturally derived, and here's the surprising twist:

In most cases they are ultimately exactly the same chemically as artificial flavors. What this means in simple terms is you have two options:

  1. You can mix manmade chemicals to get the final chemical compound for strawberry flavor, or

  2. You can mix naturally derived chemicals to get the final chemical compound for strawberry flavor

Either way, you are ingesting the exact same chemical compound for strawberry flavor. In fact, some natural flavors deplete the environment of natural resources when the chemical compound can be mixed in the lab with less environmental impact.

Face it, strawberry flavor doesn't occur in nature except in, well, strawberries. Everything else is chemistry.

Read more in our article here.

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Rhetorical question: Do you need a warning if you know for a fact that you're just too darn hot for your own good?

Well, with days heating up the warning may just protect you from any, um, liability. Yeah. That's it. May as well be up front about your own personal heat index.

What do you think? Flirty shirt of the summer?

Simply click on the design to see more shirts and gifts with this sizzling suggestion.

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So in a nutshell the Ubiqwit philosophy is finding inspiration and humor in ordinary things (the public domain is our favorite). Thus, we're always on the lookout for things that are slightly amusing that aren't necessarily intended to be.

Take, for example, the image above, snapped from within a building stairwell and with the best of intentions.

Most people wouldn't find anything particularly striking about this bright warning, but we did.

It's the fingers.

Why the need to detail the digits? We don't see toes (or even feet!), or hair, or kneecaps, yet we do see all fingers and thumbs. Kind of peculiar, isn't it?

Noticing this kind of thing is what UbiqWit is all about -- so keep your eye out in case something entertaining is just around the corner (right before you go up the stairs).

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If you or someone you know is in the growing demographic of “single-income” or “double-income no kids,” this new design is just the thing.

Celebrating everyone’s right to have their own opinion on the matter, these bright shirts spread the childfree lifestyle message in a fun, tongue-in-cheek way. No kids? No kidding!

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So the very premise of UbiqWit is noticing entertaining quips and images by staying present.

Along those lines, something funny happened on the way to the pantry that I probably would have missed entirely had I been worrying about our national debt or taxes. Or some such thing.

I had a slapdash Thai dish planned, mostly because I had jasmine rice, coconut milk, water chestnuts, and straw mushrooms on hand. What caught my attention, though, was that these unsuspecting Vietnamese straw mushrooms were labeled "broken."

Clearly, something was lost in translation.

Here in the states a food manufacturer would never dare put something so seemingly defective on the shelves. Which got me to thinking what other terms might be substituted for the straightforward "broken"...

  • sliced
  • diced
  • cut
  • pre-proportioned
  • handcrafted
  • delicately separated
  • thoughtfully subdivided

When our grocery shelves have more mouth-watering adjectives than decipherable ingredients is it so far-fetched?

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